3 Easy Steps To Making A DIY Linen Styling Board

 Whether you're a wedding photographer, bride, or business owner trying to step up their flat lay game on Instagram, styling boards can be a great way to feature invites, products, or personal details. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make DIY linen styling boards! Special thanks to my friend Brooke to recommending that I make it! 



- 18 x 24 in canvas from Michael's

- 1 yd of linen fabric from Joanne's (In whatever color you'd like! I got a grey, pink, and light blue one. Tip: make sure you find a coupon online before buying the fabric in store)

- Scissors (Fabric scissors if you have them)

- Hot glue gun

- Iron

- BONUS: friend, family member, or significant other willing to help 


Step 1: Measure out and cut the fabric

You just want to make sure that the fabric will cover the entire front and be able to glue to the back of the board. Cut off the excess material. 


Step 2: Iron the fabric


So that there aren't any wrinkles in your styling board.


Step 3: Glue the fabric to the board


- Make sure to turn on your glue gun a few minutes before gluing. It will warm up the glue to make it easier to use. 

- Pull the material as tight as possible over the board, so that there are no air bubbles. 

- There were some wrinkles after I finished gluing, but I just ironed it again. 


You're DONE!

Enjoy taking photos with your new styling board! Special shout out to James for tapping into your inner arts and crafts skills to help me make this board. 


Final Notes


-Here are the 4 colors I have! I didn't cover one of the canvases, and just left it white

-I bought some tulle fabric while I was at Joanne's, so that I could lay it on top of the boards to give my detail photos depth. Sometimes I get lucky when my brides have really cool veils that I can lay on top as well

- I love that using a styling board can really tie together all your detail shots!

Click here to download the guide on how to shoot light and airy photos! These tips will show you the best way of shooting with the styling board. 

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Quick Start Editing Guide

Wedding Workflow Checklist




Mason and Vicky's wedding was one of the first times using the styling board. See how it all came together in their blog post here.





You can also use the styling boards for personal use like shooting your office stationary or other cute things!





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