Happy 24th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

 Happy 24th wedding and 32nd dating anniversary mom and dad!


They met during my mom's senior year of high school. My dad was surprisingly popular back in the day-- probably because of his nice cars. Knowing his jokes, I don't think he won his friends over with his sense of humor...


My mom's brother happened to be one of my dad's friends. He told my dad that she would never date any of his friends. My dad saw this as a challenge, and asked him to bring her over to his house. 


When my mom came over, she didn't realize that her brother had promised her up for a date with my dad. She just wondered why this creepy guy kept following her around! My dad eventually won her over after a few more times of hanging out, and cracking lame jokes. He claims that anything is funny when the person is interested in you. The rest is history.


They went to prom together, high school graduation, college graduation, and got married in 1993. I was born a year later, and then came Michelle and Justin. I can't believe that it's been so many years that they've been together! Congrats mom and dad!



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