Downtown Los Angeles Skyline Proposal | Amy & Alex

 I met Amy while we were roommates for one week during a USC program in Germany in 2015. She is sweet, kind-hearted, and I felt comfortable with her right away. In only one week, we developed a friendship that I knew would last even after we returned to the US and went our separate ways. During the trip, she told me about this guy Alex. I could see that she was in love with him, but at the time, they couldn't be together yet. 


 A few months ago, Amy, Audey (from Ashen Photography!), and I got together for brunch at The Perch. She and Alex had finally been dating for a while, and she tells me that she thinks he's going to propose. Commence the squealing from excitement! I told her that she has to tell Alex to contact me to document it. I knew that I would probably be attending the wedding (Amy actually just asked me to be her bridesmaid!), so this proposal would be my chance to take photos for them. 


 I got a message from Alex two weeks later introducing himself, and telling me his plan to propose! I thought Amy had mentioned me to him, but he told me he had already planned for me to shoot since early on in their relationship (he already knew she was the one!). 


We worked together to plan out the details to get the best photos and day for Amy. He bought concert tickets for Ed Sheeran that night, so sunset wasn't an option. We decided the next best thing would be a sunrise session. Knowing Amy probably wouldn't dress up that early in the morning, Alex told Amy that it would be an all day date in order to get her to wear a dress. His friend Ben also helped us with setting up flower petals for the shoot. None of us normally would wake up at 4am to watch the sunrise, but seeing the golden glow in the photos, it was worth it!

 The proposal was absolutely perfect. I know faith was a big part of their relationship, so I suggested to Alex to start with a prayer. It gave him a calm moment to shake off any of the nervousness he was feeling. He then started to play a medley of "Hey There Delilah" and "Thinking Out Loud", replacing the words to match their relationship. The songs were perfect since they had been long distance while Amy was in New York, and because they were going to an Ed Sheeran concert! Amy was crying with joy as he pulled out the Tiffany & Co engagement ring, and she eagerly said yes! 


Congratulations to you both! I love you two :) 





























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