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Do You Use Photoshop?


Before I started photography, I though Photoshop was the program that all professionals used because that's all I've heard about and all I've learned in school. I was wrong-- the program that is more commonly used is Adobe Lightroom. 


When would Photoshop be used then?


Image via Quinn Miller Photo via the Huffington Post


Photoshop is used most commonly for photo manipulations such as adding things to photos (I'm looking at you Mr. Trex), changing backgrounds to images, and airbrushing/liquefying that you see in magazines. Using Photoshop for these things is perfect because of how easily you can isolate parts of the image and create layers.  


Adobe Lightroom



If you're wondering how I edit, I learned a lot from the KJ Consistency Course! I'll talk about some of the ways I use Lightroom to edit in future posts, but in this post, I'll focus on why Lightroom is the best program for editing for beginners, portrait photographers, and wedding photographers. 




The cost $150 for Adobe Lightroom 6 or $10/month for Adobe Lightroom CC. I bought Adobe Lightroom 6, but some people prefer CC since it includes all  the updates. Also, the mobile app on your phone is FREE.


I am an Amazon Affiliate, meaning that I get a tiny commission from sales made from clicking my link below. There's no additional cost to you by using this link, but it would be super appreciated if you are planning on investing in Lightroom.


Why I love Lightroom


1. You can quickly edit thousands of images all in one program. With Photoshop, you have to open each photo as a new file. 


2. You can easily sort through images using the flagging and coloring system. For example, in the image above, the images that I marked red are the shots I chose for their blog


3. In the Develop tab (first image of this blog), you can easily make adjustments to the exposure, highlights, blacks, shadows, etc to edit the photo. It's as easy as sliding the arrow left and right like editing photos on Instagram!


4. You can create presets for your photos. If there's anything you find you're always doing like lightening the shadows and blacks, you can create a preset in the Preset section of the Develop tab.


5. Syncing is my FAVORITE thing about Lightroom. If you have a lot of similar photos, you can select them and sync the edit across all the photos. 


6. I create all my blogging pairs through the Lightroom Print tab



I hope this helps! If you saw this post on Instagram, you'll know that I never wanted to learn photography because it seemed too complicated! I thought only tech savvy people could learn, and I didn't want to waste thousands of dollars investing in a hobby that was too difficult to pick up. Luckily, I had an amazing mentor (Nadine from Sachiko Studio), and followed a TON of photo blogs that helped me get to where I am today.


That being said, I'm hoping to pay it forward by starting this photo education series to help anyone who wants to learn photography! Please email me with any photo questions at, and I'll feature it on future blog posts! 




Want to get started with Lightroom now? I just created a free Lightroom Quickstart Guide! Click below to grab your download :)






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