Behind the Scenes 2017

You may know me as a wedding photographer, but here a few things that you may not know...


First, I'm also a professional dog feeder. Chewie (above) is excited for his snack in exchange for smiles!


I'm also a flower enthusiast. Check out my floral arranging skills. Just kidding, see the real florist of this shoot: Be A Tall Poppy. Also, the amazing coordinator Tina from In The Clouds Event.


Sometimes I make my assistants stand still until I get juuussttt the right shot.

Did I mention that I'm also a stand in bride? Here's me "testing" how the flower crown looks.

Most of the time, my guy assistants have to toss away their pride and play the bride for the day as well. Thanks Stanley!

Another one of my jobs is being the bride's personal groomer.



Flyaway hairs have got nothing on me!

If you were ever wondering what it's like to work with me, you can just ask these ladies!


These are heavier than they look!


My passion lies in fluffing wedding dresses.



Sometimes you'll find me laying down on a table to get the shot.

Or in my natural state on the floor.

Fun fact about Anna and Alex's engagement is that I had to bark at their dog Gracie to get her to look at me. I think the people at Pasadena City Hall thought I was crazy, but at least I got her to look!

Other times, you'll see me standing in a bush to get the shot.


I may have a fear of heights, but I'll also get up high.


Here's me practicing my drawing skills.


I think people wonder what I'm doing in the corner on the floor sometimes...


Left is me trying to blend in with the wall, and right is me trying to gain an extra 3 inches to my height.

Rocks and chairs are my best friends!

Standing on my tippy toes aren't as effective, but a girl can try.

Besides my normal assistants, I'll also get some help from some furry friends. (So sad to hear this venue got burnt down in the California wildfires. Luckily the owner's family and their animals are safe. However, they'll need to rebuild everything. Please check out their Go Fund Me here to make a donation)

Though the animals may not always be real, they certainly always make a big impact.

I think I should rename myself as The Dog Whisperer.



Or maybe the peacock whisperer. Arcadia's mascot is a peacock after all.

My favorite furry assistants Sadie and Lucky (you can see Lucky's black fur peeking behind)

I love meeting new friends when I have my client meetings with my couples!


I sometimes even need a whole team to get the job done!

 When you accidentally coordinate with the bridal party, you get to become an honorary bridesmaid.

Sometimes being in front of the camera is scary...

But here are Kristine's girls showing the groomsmen how it's done.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing here, but at least Tina and Raul's wedding party looks amused.

Love when I have such helpful bridesmaids!

I promise they aren't mad at me for making them take photos-- they're just rocking the model look!

I think they're wondering what I'm doing on the floor...


Watch out grooms! I may try to propose to your wife during the session, but least I get smiles :)

But don't worry, in exchange, let you borrow James to get the perfect proposal.

Mason looks very confused because...

... I think my clients wonder why I'm always putting them in corners.


Or in the middle of driveways.

Or in seemingly ordinary parks, but they always know it's worth it when they see the shot!

I also enlist the help of my family when it comes to location scouting.

And I make James tap into his inner arts and crafts skills. You can thank him for my styling boards.


At the end of the day, I think my clients are always happy despite the strange things I do.

These two had to keep moving out of the way to let people pass because of this very narrow walkway at the Venice Canals.


Here's me saying Ta-da! Actually, I don't really know why I was waving my arms around. 

My second shooter caught me by the dessert table, so I had to pretend I was "working" and not trying to eat some sweets.

Needless to say, I love my job!

Especially when you get to meet amazing friends along the way.

And when my sister Michelle joins you on wedding days!

I also get to meet so many awesome frendors!


I love that wedding photography takes me to so many magical places!





I started this business in 2014 while I was a student at USC. Here was my set up back in the day. Being where I am now makes all those late night editing sessions worth it!


Especially because I have THE BEST clients!


I have the sweetest brides who surprise me with presents too!


Kristine knew I loved Hot Cheetos, and got me the perfect gift :)

The shot with the bride and groom is always tough to get since their friends keep coming up to congratulate them, but I love when I get a shot with my couples!




Mason and Vicky's wedding was very special because I also got to attend as a guest too!



Anna and Alex wrote the sweetest review that perfectly summed up the wedding experience.

Some of these shots were from 2015-2016 as well, but I hadn't gotten to share them before. Hope you enjoyed these, and can't wait to share another in 2018 :) 


If any of you were wondering what's next for Tiffany Wu Photography, I'm so excited to announce that I'm increasing my openings to 1-2 weddings per month, now open for non-couple sessions, and will be teaching photography for anyone who's interested in learning. 


Get my first ever educational guide HERE: How to Take Light & Airy Photos on ANY Camera (Yes, even smart phones) 

Catch up on the sessions featured in this blog below!



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