Santa Monica Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session | Rebecca + Zach

Rebecca and Zach are getting married in Iowa, but also wanted to do an engagement session in Los Angeles since she is a UCLA alumni. From the moment I met them, we had an instant connection. Rebecca is applying for medical school, and Zach is working in finance. They were long distance during college while she was in LA and he was in Iowa. I bonded with Rebecca since my boyfriend James and I are the opposite in majors: he's in medical while I'm in business, so we could give perspective on our respective majors. We were also long distance, and understood each others' struggles.


When I started shooting their session, I could tell that they were the definition of young love. They both have fun and silly personalities, and it shows through their photos! They chose to do both a Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica engagement session to get both the city and beach look. Her long black dress, and his suit for their formal outfit matched the city skyline perfectly.


I always recommend wearing the formal outfit first, so they could be more comfortable in the second half of the session. By the time we go to the pier and they changed into their more casual outfit, they had already warmed up to my posing style and were ready to go!


After the session, Rebecca and I became amazing friends thanks to Instagram! We discovered that we love all of the same shows, and have been talking about everything. She was sad that I couldn't shoot her wedding this weekend, and invited me and James to attend instead! I couldn't go because we share another thing in common: our anniversaries.


We have so much in common, so I loved that we became friends after our session. I miss you both Rebecca and Zach, and congratulations on your beautiful wedding this weekend!









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