Mexican Themed Pasadena Wedding | Mason + Victoria

Mason was buttoning his suit in the office. Vicky was putting on makeup in the bathroom with Christmas music blasting through their apartment. Their puppy, Charlie, was scurrying around looking to play.


It seemed like a normal day. Seeing the three of them in their home seemed so natural that you would have no idea that Vicky hadn't moved in yet. They had been waiting for this day: their wedding. This day would mark the start of their new life together as husband and wife. 


I met Mason in 2014 when we were both in Berlin, Germany for USC Excel, a one week program where students visited businesses in another country. He had been with Victoria for a few years, and had been considering proposing to her. He said he would consider hiring me if I could prove my photography skills. Though he didn’t end up proposing that year, the photos I took during that trip led to him contacting me this year to shoot their wedding.


When I met Vicky this year at our consultation meeting, I could immediately see why Mason always spoke so highly of her. She’s beautiful, smart, driven, and has such a big heart. We became friends right away. I’m so happy that they hired me as their wedding photographer since it let me get to know them both (and their dog Charlie!) even more at the meetings we’ve had and their engagement session.


Since Mason and Vicky wanted me to also be a part of their day in addition to being their photographer, my photo friends Brooke and Madison helped me shoot their ceremony and reception so that I could enjoy the day too. This was my first time shooting and attending a wedding, and I loved that I was able to share their special day with them—especially with a small guest count of only about 50 guests. James and I have never attended a wedding for friends before, but we had so much fun getting to know their friends and family.


Thank you so much Mason and Vicky for letting me be a part of your special day. I’m so excited for more fun hang outs in the future!


They are one of the first couples of mine to get ready in their apartments. It was the perfect getting ready location because it was close to the venue, there were so many sliding doors with lots of natural light, and light colored walls and floors. 

Though they only had an online invite, they printed a single invitation set for me from Basic Invite. It really made a huge difference for their detail photos! 










Dog or teddy bear? Charlie is such a cute puppy! 

I loved Vicky's navy robe! 

Her mom was so sweet :) 



She didn't actually wear these shoes for the reception, but thought they would look better for photos instead of her ceremony shoes-- I agree!

Fun fact: Vicky works at Disney and is a huge fan, so I got them these Tsum Tsums in their client welcome pack. Mason told me that she'd love this shot of them.

Vicky, are you a model? So pretty.



They were both super organized in giving me all the details in the beginning to shoot. I also had so much time to shoot these thanks to the timeline I worked with them to create :) 




They knew they wouldn't have too much time after the ceremony for portraits, so they opted for a first look. This gave us LOTS of time to capture a lot of beautiful portraits before the ceremony. 


I loved their reactions! 








Can you believe how long her veil is? Even crazier that it's hand made.







Such a happy bride :)

They also gave us some time to capture these detail shots of the reception area.


 I stopped shooting by this point, but Madison and Brooke did a fantastic job!

They're married :)




I was supposed to put away my camera, but I couldn't resist grabbing a few more portraits when I saw the golden sunset light! The timeline was super tight, but they gave me 10 minutes to grab these photos. I loved that having a first look allowed us to have two different sets of portraits. 


That veil! 


The light is so beautiful, and perfectly matches the gorgeous couple.

Madison drove over to Pez Cantina to capture these lovely detail photos.

They know the owner, so the restaurant put out these white flags for them :) 




This cake isn't real, but made for such cute photos! 

Victoria and her dad surprised Mason with a song.

Loved these yummy desserts. 


Thanks for letting me and James be a part of your wedding! I feel like I got the best of both worlds shooting and attending. Love you both :) 

 Thanks to the vendors who put this together:

Dress | Maggie Soterro Designs

Ceremony | Holy Family Church South Pasadena

Reception | Pez Cantina

Inviations | Basic Invite

Florist | Ninfa's Flowers & Gifts

Bakery | B,essert

Shoes | Dream Pairs

Music | Ostia Music

Officiant | Father Marlon Mateo

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