Los Angeles Dessert Engagement | Linda + Paul

 The morning of their engagement session, I found myself in the ER. I didn't know it, but my body is apparently susceptible to getting UTI's. I never had to reschedule a session before, so I was anxious to tell them the news. I knew Linda had already scheduled hair and makeup and florals, and I felt so bad when I found out they couldn't be cancelled. Luckily for me, Linda is one of the sweetest people I have met. She was understanding about rescheduling, and told me not to worry about anything, and focus on getting better. 


Her kindness made me more motivated to deliver her a dream engagement session. I told her I would cover the new hair and makeup and florals because I knew exactly which vendors would be perfect to work with. I reached out to Theresa at Kohnur (her team did my hair and makeup for my anniversary photos with James) and Debbie at Aquafuzion for florals. I told them my situation about going to the ER, and they were amazing in helping me plan the reshoot! Theresa's girls were all at weddings since our new shoot date was on a Saturday, but scheduled to have one of them drive down from Malibu to do Linda's hair for me. I know Linda loved peonies, but the season was ending by the time of our new shoot. Debbie helped me arrange for a soft dreamy bouquet with peonies for the reshoot! Her team also gave me the perfect crown to match the hairstyle that Kohnur was styling for Linda. Thank you so much to my amazing friendor dream team for helping me style this session! 


Linda and Paul, from the moment you told me about the story behind your proposal, I knew we would make great friends. The photo of their proposal was in front of an aquarium with whale sharks perfectly swimming in the background. When they told me that Paul shot it setting up his self timer on his tripod (he's a photographer), I could automatically relate to all the tripod shots James and I take when we travel. I loved getting to know you both during our engagement session. Thank you so much for being so understanding to my health, and having me shoot for you!


P.S. If anyone is curious about my backup plans if things happen to me that make me unable to shoot, I only reschedule sessions if I know I'm able to shoot it at a later time. For things that are not able to be rescheduled, I have amazing backup photographers/friends who are able to help :)






















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