Intimate Los Angeles Backyard Wedding | Calvin + Ylse

If you read Calvin and Ylse's engagement session blog, you'll know that I met Calvin through James. Though Calvin is from Florida, they got to know each other since their parents did business together.


When I got together with James, I had heard a lot about Calvin through their stories about him. When Calvin came to visit, James invited me to dinner with them. I didn't want to impose because I knew that James didn't see Calvin too often, but they invited me anyways. When we met Calvin at Din Tai Fung (his favorite), he treated me as if he knew me just as well as he knew James. He's the type of person who is welcoming, and brings joy to the people around him.


The first time we met Ylse at another dinner at Din Tai Fung, I was so happy that he found someone just as genuine and kind as him. She is super sweet, and makes him light up every time they're together. The moment I found out they were engaged, I was so excited that they asked me to be their wedding photographer. I also loved that I was able to enjoy the reception thanks to my good photography friend Adrian from Let's Make A Memory Photography.


Their wedding took place in her cousin's backyard in Montebello. The day started off like a normal day. Ylse and Calvin were hanging out in the living room together... except they were watching me take detail photos for their wedding. They were a super relaxed couple who didn't feel like they needed to follow wedding traditions. Their priorities were to spend time together, and hang out with friends and family. They said the decor would be low key in a backyard, but it turns out that her cousin's backyard looks as cute as an actual venue! The day was filled with laughter, a mariachi band, tacos, and many delicious snacks. It was the perfect day. I was so happy that I got to shoot their portraits, ceremony, and details and celebrate their reception with them. There's only a few friends I would do this for, and I'm so glad they asked me.


Thank you Calvin and Ylse for having me as your wedding photographer. I loved having you as one of my T.Wu Couples, and look forward to more Din Tai Fung double dates with you both!




 They were sitting on the couch, and said they wanted to watch me do my magic.




 Tip: ask your florist for extra flowers, so your photographer can style them with your details. Thank you Aquafuzion for these!






Calvin and Ylse knew that there would be no place to take portraits in the backyard, so we went to a nearby park for these.

The geese wanted to join in the party.















 Can you believe this is the backyard? So gorgeous!




 Loved that they printed photos from their engagement to display.




The gaps from the wood caused some sun spots, so we actually put my car shade and reflector on top of the wood to get even lighting on their faces. It was amusing for the guests to watch...






 Surprise doves brought at the end of the ceremony.

 Ylse changed dresses, so I made sure to grab a few portraits in the new outfit too. Newly wed portraits are my favorite since they look so happy :)




Her family helped set these tables up. It looks like a cute wedding venue instead of a backyard! 









 Instead of having speeches dedicated to them, Calvin and Ylse gave speeches to their friends and parents. They are so sweet.



 This was my taco plate. Thanks Adrian for shooting it for me.





Looking forward to hanging out with the new mr and mrs again soon! :)


Special thank you to the vendors:

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Tiffany Wu Photography

Bouquet & Boutonniere | Aquafuzion

Dress | Dreamers & Loves and Lulu's

Tuxedo | Hugo Boss

Makeup | Sephora



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