Free Online Photo Backup Storage Sites

 This blog post is both for my clients and photographers. After I shoot a session, I send a Pixieset gallery for my clients to download their photos. This blog post is to address the best ways to backup your images for free!


Online Storage


Tips for backing up online:

1. Upload about 100-150 images at a time. If you try to upload more, it'll skip images or time out.

2. Depending on how fast your internet is, I'd plan to give it a few hours to backup


Google Photos

Cost: Free unlimited photo storage at web sized resolution


I personally use Google Photos to backup most of my photos since there's free unlimited storage for web sized photos. What this means is that the photos will look great on your phone and computer. However, if you download the image to print later, the resolution might be a smaller size than what you uploaded at.


Tips for Google Photos:

1. Use their album function. This will make it easier to sort through images later. I personally title my albums by year like "2018 Michelle's Graduation".

2. Download the Google Photos app. It will let you backup photos you take on your phone too. I also download from the app to post on Instagram from my phone.


Use this link for Google Photos:



 Cost: 1 TB photo storage full resolution


Flickr is great if you want to back up the full resolution sized image. Since it's limited at 1 TB, I upload anything that I think I will need the full sized resolution for printing for later.


Tips for Flickr:

1. I also use their album function to sort through images later.

2. Same tips as Google Photos for downloading the Flickr app!


Use this link to sign up for Flickr:


Hard Drive Storage

 I also recommend having a hard drive to store your photos. This is also great for backing up videos since you can't always back them up online because of how big the files are.


Cost: $51


Tips for hard drives:

1. Make sure you buy the one formatted for your computer (ie Mac or PC)

2. Buy a second hard drive to backup your drive. They can fail, so I always recommend a backup.


Click here to get the hard drive


I hope these tips help make sure you'll always have a backup of your images :)



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