One Trick For A Faster Lightroom Workflow: White Balance Kelvin

 One of the things that has made my editing workflow so much faster is changing my white balance from Auto (AWB) to Kelvin (Color temp). 


What is white balance?

 The white balance is the color temperature of the photo. The two extremes would be that a very cool photo would look blue while a very warm photo would look yellow. To get great skin tones, you'll need to find the perfect balance between. 

 White Balance Settings


By default, cameras are set to be auto (AWB). The other settings you may have seen are daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten, etc. I set my white balance to "Color Temp" aka Kelvin. 

What is Kelvin and how do I use it?

 Kelvin lets you adjust the color temperature of your photo in camera. How cool is that?! Before even bringing the photo into Lightroom for editing, you've already adjusted how cool or warm you want the photo to be. 


I know-- it seems like another setting to worry about on top of everything else happening during a session, but hear me out. It's not as complicated as it looks! All you have to remember is that it's just like your Lightroom temperature slider. Left is cool (blue) and right is warm (yellow).


I usually set the temperature at the beginning of the session, and change when I move locations. Once I find the perfect temperature and settings, I leave it there while I'm in that spot!  

Why you should set your white balance to Kelvin

I did NOT want to use Kelvin for the longest time. Like I said, it seemed like something else to worry about on top of settings, posing, composition, and everything else. But here is why shooting in Kelvin will save you so much time in the long run:


1. The photo will look amazinggg in camera (you can show clients the back of your screen, and they'll see how beautiful it looks!)

2. My color temperature will be constant, so once I edit the skin tones to be perfect, I can sync all my photos


I hope this helps! Here's to a faster editing workflow :) As always, feel free to email me questions at


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