Top 5 Outdoor Pasadena Wedding Venues

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Since I'm a wedding photographer from Arcadia, my favorite wedding venues to visit are in Pasadena! There are so many local gems that I didn't know about until I started doing weddings. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with all these amazing venues! Today, I'm featuring the best outdoor wedding venues in Pasadena that were my favorite to shoot at :)


1. Caltech Athenaeum

Caltech Website

551 S Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106


Caltech Athenaeum was one of my favorite wedding venues in Pasadena because of its grand architecture. There is lots of light coming into the reception area, making it really easy for me to capture beautiful natural light photos of all their details. For the ceremony, they have both outdoor and indoor options. While both are great, I love how I've seen the venue looks outdoors! The outdoor ceremony area is right outside of the reception. My recommended ceremony start time for an outdoor ceremony would be when the sun is behind the reception area. That way, the ceremony is shaded, giving it the best lighting as well as not being as hot for guests. The architecture around the campus is equally as grand, giving plenty of spots to take portraits of my couple!


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2. Castle Green

Castle Green Website

99 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA 91105


When I became a wedding photographer and started seeing more Pasadena weddings, I kept coming across Castle Green. The venue is really well known, but you would never know it was there because the building is hidden behind tall trees. After shooting Edward and Lily's wedding there, I could see why its so popular. Whether you're placing the ceremony in front of the building or under their wisteria tree, all of them look stunning. The sun starts to set behind the building by the afternoon, providing lots of shade for the ceremony. The tall trees also provide the perfect backdrop for portraits with the sun gleaming through. For the reception, the space is pretty large and the architecture indoors makes it pretty easy to keep things simple but still look good!


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3. Langham Huntington

Langham Website

1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106


I love the Langham because it's a classy luxury wedding venue. Your ceremony can be held outdoor in front of their beautifully designed building, and reception can be indoors in one of their grand ballrooms. My recommended start time for the outdoor ceremony in front of the building would be when the sun is behind the building to provide shade. There are plenty of locations in the hotel to take portraits outdoors including the building and Japanese garden area. On top of this venue being a dream, the staff is very kind and accommodating! I loved working with them.


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4. Villa del Sol d'Oro


Villa del Sol d' Oro Website

675 W Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024


Villa del Sol d' Oro is literally 10 min from my house, but I never knew about it. I'm so glad that I found it because it reminds me of Europe. I love the tall trees lining the ceremony area. This is one of the rare instances where an earlier ceremony is better than one closer to sunset because earlier in the day, the trees shade the area better. The wedding I had shot here had a sunset ceremony, and the sun casted a harsh light on the couples faces at that time. However, earlier in the day, the timing would have been perfect for lighting like in my detail shot of the location (first image). You may have noticed that my favorite type of venue includes symmetrical architecture, so I had so much fun shooting all the reception details. I will note that this venue gets very dark at night, so I highly recommend working with a lighting company to help with the reception. For portraits, there were so many options that looked fantastic both using the building and the trees around it!


5. Pasadena Museum of History

Pasadena Museum of History Website

430 W Walnut St, Pasadena CA 91103


I've lived in the San Gabriel Valley area my whole life, and did not know about the Pasadena Museum of History until I became a wedding photographer. I thought white buildings that looked like this only existed in the East Coast! This is one of my favorite estate wedding venues because it has two things I always look for in venues: a beautiful building and lots of greenery. It's a smaller venue, so it can't accommodate a huge wedding, but it's perfect for small intimate gatherings. My favorite spot for the ceremony is in front of the building, and the best time would be in the afternoon when the sun is behind the building in order to get shaded even lighting.




I hope this helps anyone looking for the perfect venue for their wedding! If you'd like to learn more about the wedding experience working with me, click here.


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