Facebook Live: How to Scout Portrait Locations

Whether you're looking for better locations to take for yourself or interested in shooting portraits professionally, this Facebook live video walks you through my thought process when location scouting. 


Normally, the best time to shoot portraits is during the golden hour about 1-2 hours before sunset. However, this doesn't always happen on a wedding day. Since my portrait time with Mason and Victoria was midday, it was incredibly bright and sunny!


Here are some tips on how to handle these types of situations:


1. Find The Shade!


My first tip would be to find a nice shaded area to place your subjects in. The key is to find shade with even lighting like in the image up top. While me and my second shooter Audey were in the light, all of the subjects are in the shade. 



2. Find The Natural Reflector


What is a natural reflector? When the sun directly shines down on the floor or wall (look at the floor of the image on top), the light bounces back onto the subjects.


I like finding natural reflectors that are white or neutral colored whenever possible. The camera is very sensitive to colors. If the natural reflector is a bright spot of grass, it will cast green on the subject. Meanwhile, a bright brick wall might make their skin look red. 


 I hope this helps! Please email back with any questions :) Be sure to click the image below to join the Facebook group to be a part of the Tiffany Wu Photography Community!




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