The Wedding Experience by Alex & Anna

This was the first year I made the decision to start turning away portrait sessions to focus solely on wedding photography. I worked really hard to build my packages and a personalized wedding experience for my potential couples.


Alex and Anna were the first to receive this full wedding experience, and captured everything I hoped to achieve through their Yelp review describing our initial meet to your wedding day. Since they were the first to have my wedding experience, and described it so well, I thought it deserved it's own blog post!


Thank you so much Alex and Anna! Clients like you are the reason I love what I do :)




"Tiffany Wu is a master of her art. She is the definition of when work and passion meet.


Tiffany's work stood out to me and my wife. We scheduled a consultation. When we met she wanted to know about us. Our hobbies, favorite color, and favorite TV shows. I thought that was kind of weird. The atmosphere was as if we were on a date. But this showed to be important later on. During our consultation she walked me through her process and explained what she does and what she her specialty was. I think it was natural light photography. We've already seen her work online but she also brought a portfolio to highlight her photography style. We loved it. Afterwards she politely answered all of our questions and confirmed prices. There were no "hidden costs" she was very upfront which was great.


 Tiffany Wu is thoughtful. She gave us great location options that matched our style and personality. She gave us a photography dress attire guide that helped us pick out what to wear during our engagement shoot. We followed it the best we could. It made a ton of sense after we took the pictures and saw how it came out.


 Tiffany even asked us to bring fallen leaflets and pedals for our "details" photo shoot. You know, the detail photo shoot is the one where pictures of individual items are shot. Things like shoes, dress, and rings.


 She even made a sign for our dog Gracie during our engagement shoot. Now this sign is super cute. It is a 1 by 2 feet chalkboard sign that reads "our humans are getting married." Oh man! It's one of those pictures that you'd find on a Pinterest website--so cute.

 Tiffany Wu is Professional. On the wedding day, she made an itinerary for us to follow. I'm so glad she made it. Through that, me and my fiancé was able to communicate to our bridal party, specifically, where and when to be at. She had more than 1 photographer to capture several shots from different angles. Her team of photographers really helped expedite things. You know that date we had? It turned out useful because we felt more comfortable with Tiffany during all of our photo shoots. We retook shots with no remorse. She even taught us how to do a face exercise to relax our jaw muscles.

 Tiffany Wu is a great communicator. After our consultation, she made herself available through her cell and email. This made wedding planning much easier. She's well versed with the keyboard so I was never surprised when I got a page long email from her. She would constantly update us with information and have friendly reminders. This was great because I felt Tiffany was really looking out for us.  


 Tiffany Wu's pictures are amazing. The best part of hiring Tiffany was that her picture quality is amazing. She takes Thousands of pictures and selects the top quality ones that capture picturesque moments. A lot of my friends and family took pictures at the wedding. When we compared them, Tiffany's pictures were far superior. They're so great that we ordered too many prints. Now we're in the market for more picture albums. Tiffany made us look like celebrities--so good!

This wonderfully energetic and bright girl made our wedding day look better in the photos! If given the choice to redo my wedding, I would pick her again. I recommend Tiffany Wu to my friends and family."





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