Katelyn James Consistency Course Review

Editing was one of my biggest struggles. My clients loved my work, but I always felt like every session looked differently from each other. When my favorite photographer Katelyn James did an editing webinar, she announced that she was releasing an editing consistency course!


I was super excited because this was exactly what I needed. At a hefty cost of $400 though, I had to think about it. But then, I realized that I was actually doing my clients a disservice by delivering photos that I didn't feel like I knew how to edit properly. I felt like my editing was my one weak point, and I owed it to my clients to learn edit consistently. Katelyn promised on changing our editing worlds, and she lived up to every word she said.


Here are some of the highlights from the course:

1. Perfect Skin Tones!


This was my #1 Struggle. She taught me a whole new world using split toning!


2. Identifying color issues


I now see distracting colors that I've never even noticed before! Some of the tweaks I made in this photo included warming up the photo with the temperature slider and split toning. The next step was also desaturating the blues in the color slider to remove the blues from her dress. Before the course, I would have just warmed up the photo without even noticing the little things like that!


What's unique about her course is that she shows you some of her worst images, and explains her process in identifying what the photo needs for each situation.


 3. Making images POP!


I thought the course would focus mostly on how to color correct images. What I didn't realize was that Katelyn's photos POP, and that's why I love them so much! She gives all her tips on how to make the images have the right amount of pop while maintaining the light and airy style that I love.


Unfortunately, her course won't be available again until next year, but she is releasing a Posing Course! Also, check out her blog and education site because they are both amazing :)


Thank you so much Katelyn for taking the time to create this course for photographers like me who were struggling with editing! I'm super excited to share more of my work now, after taking the course!


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