How to Identify Your Ideal Client

 It's hard trying to figure out what your ideal client looks like. When I first started photography, I wanted to shoot for anyone who wanted to let me shoot for them. I had to beg my friends to let me shoot for them for free!


As I began to shoot more, I slowly began to realize that I loved couples and weddings. I shot my very first wedding at a deep discount. It wasn't the best experience since they were booking me for my price and not my work. Though it was a tough learning experience, I learned that I needed to set better client expectations about my style and editing. I also learned what my ideal client did not look like.



When I met Alex and Anna, they became the very definition of an ideal client. From the very beginning, they trusted my judgment and suggestions. They knew that I was going to do whatever I could to get the best photos for them, and listened to my thoughts about lighting and location. For their engagement session, they also paid attention to my styling guide to make sure their outfits were flattering.


On top of that, they have become my #1 cheerleaders in spreading the word about Tiffany Wu Photography. They loved their images, and were happy to share on Facebook. Anna even introduced me to her friend Kristine who booked me for her wedding next year! When I met with them to deliver their album, they surprised ME with this super sweet thank you card.

These two were super appreciative of my work, and reminded me why I love weddings.


I've been slowly figuring out my niche, and while I'm not an expert, I hope to share what works for me with you! Here are some things that I think will help you identify your ideal client, and how you can exceed their expectations. Please leave comments on what you're ideal client looks like below too! 


-What type of sessions do you love? (portraits, families, babies, couples, weddings, etc)

-What does your ideal session look like? (ex a well dressed couple frolicking around a nature-y spot with props)

-What does this client look like? Where do they like to hang out? What are their interests? (identifying this will help you start marketing yourself to become their ideal photographer)

-Do you have any friends who know these types of people? (I met Alex and Anna through my cousin!)

-What value can you bring to your sessions? (ex great at posing, amazing detail shots, etc)

-How much experience do you have with your ideal type of session? (If you don't think it's enough, ask your friends to shoot them!)

-How much are you charging for your sessions, and are you charging your worth?

-Do your clients recognize your value? (ex you're great at detail shots-- do you market these shots?)


If you have any other ideas of questions, or are unsure about any of these questions, please comment too!




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