Why Should You Hire A Wedding Planner

I'm starting this wedding planning series featuring some of the amazing vendors that I've worked with to debunk some misconceptions about weddings!


Today, I'm featuring Tina from In the Clouds Events to talk about why you should hire a wedding planner. Featured in this post is the styled shoot we worked on together!


What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner now that everything can be found online?


Yes, you can find venue and vendors online on your own these days. Yes, you can download an app with checklists and reminders. Yes, there are beautiful wedding blogs and Pinterest to help you with design inspirations. However, wedding planners do so much more than finding you vendors, reminding you to make payments, or creating a wedding vision board. We are your wedding advisor, crisis manager, and executor of the most important (and expensive) day. 


For most couples, planning a wedding is stressful, often making their first big decisions together. Your wedding planners is there to support you, give you pros and cons, and provide recommendations based on years of professional experience and countless disaster recovery scenarios. We review your vendor contracts and all the details of your orders to make sure nothing is missed, and that you receive more bang for your buck. We are here to handle situations so you can have a peace of mind. 


 Ask yourself this, do you have time call/email all the potential vendors to get their availability and pricing? If they reply with rates not in your budget or not available at all, do you have time to start the whole process again? Your wedding planner will gather your criteria, budget range,  then match you with vendors who can do the job and can deliver with excellent quality.


Here's another one: Is your wedding app smart enough to know that your photography coverage is 8 hours, but your first event to last event on the wedding day is 10 hours apart? Your wedding planner will have read all the contracts, talked to your vendors, and iron out all the details to create a master timeline so that your vendors and wedding party know exactly when things are happening.


Pinterest can give you tons of inspirations even instructions, but can it give you the exact color scheme or style that reflects your personality? Do you want to be a copycat or do you want something uniquely yours.  Your wedding planner will collect your ideas, provide you a vision board with the colors of your choice, and arrange for you to see samples of floral centerpiece or mock-up a tablescape design, so you can see it and touch it in real life. 


What is the difference between full planning, partial planning, and day of coordination? How do I find the best package for me?


First determine the level of your need for help, support, and advice.  Then determine your overall wedding budget, how much can you allocate to hire a planner. Interview and chat with prospective planners, so you understand their background and expertise. Some planners are also designers, some planners are logistic masterminds, some are both! If you have family or friends lending a hand, by all means take their offer, but remember that it's YOUR wedding, don't let them persuade you into selecting something you don't want. 


Here's how I break down the my wedding service packages: 

Full Planning - "I don't have time! I need a wedding planner to take care of everything for me, from booking venue and vendors, to guest list management, to designing all the decor, to executing all the activities on the wedding day. Plus maybe making sure my bridesmaids don't get drunk before the ceremony, etc." 


Partial Planning - "I plan to dedicate all of my weekends to plan the wedding, but could use a jumpstart from a professional. Maybe a pre-selected vendor list to work with, I can call and book on my own. Or in case I need a wingman to meet a couple of vendors together. I want to be participate in the important parts of the planning process, but not necessarily the little things." 


Day-of Coordinator or Wedding Manager - "I've got the venue and booked all of my vendors. I've purchased and DIY'd all the pieces for my wedding, I just need someone to set it up and run the show."  Caveat: Even the best Day-of Coordinators need to do some prep work, like reviewing contract and contacting vendors in order to put together a detailed timeline, especially if they've never worked with your vendor team. We're not psychics, we can't just show up and know how to handle situations without knowing your preferences. 


Wedding Planning is a real profession! Some of us have formal training in wedding consulting, project management, legal studies, and design skills. We also have years of experience in dealing with crisis and handle situations that your sister or best friend may not be able to take care of. You'd hire a realtor when you buy a house, right? You'd hire a professional photographer to capture the best moments of your wedding. For the same percentage of your budget (sometimes less), you can hire a professional wedding planner/coordinator/manager to guide you through the planning process. Wedding planning should be fun for you and your significant other, don't let the stress ruin the relationship. 


Thank you to the team who put our styled shoot together!


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