Do You Believe in the Signs?

About three years ago, I found this giant stuffed sheep in Ralphs. James asked me if I wanted it in which I responded that it was just going to take up space. After leaving the store, I realized that I actually did want the sheep and all of its fluffy goodness. The next day, we went back to the store and the sheep was GONE! Ever since then, each time I would walk into Ralphs, I would casually be on the lookout for the sheep.


Recently, I was in a pretty bad place with my photography. I felt like I was putting a lot of time into it, but wasn't getting to where I wanted to be. I was spending a lot of time on marketing, connecting with vendors, and attending networking events. However, I wasn't booking any weddings.


Last weekend, I went grocery shopping with my mom at Ralphs. Much to my surprise, I saw a pile of purple and white sheep sitting in the Easter section of the store. The next day, a coupled signed the contract to have me be their wedding photographer.


Even though it logically doesn't make any sense, I'm the type of person who believes in the signs and fate. (Maybe that's why I love couples and weddings)


Somehow, finding this sheep after three years reminds me that even when things aren't going your way, things will eventually work out for the best.


Happy Blog Tuesday!


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