Doing What You Love

I never dreamed of doing photography as a business. Heck, I didn't even think I would learn how to operate a DSLR. When I did learn and actually started turning it into a business, the thought of photography as a career was a concept I always flirted with. In my last semester at USC, I decided to try it out.


I became more active on social media, in wedding vendor groups, and even paid for my first advertisement. I started putting aside my classes, friends, and other things to try to make photography work as a potential job. I am happy with the inquiries I've gotten, and the vendors I've been able to connect with.


However, I realized I wasn't happy with where my photography was. It has been so inspiring meeting people who have turned their passion into a full time job. I thought that my passion, and hard work put into it would make me want to turn it into a full time career. Instead, I found myself feeling like it was work.


There is nothing wrong with turning what you love into a career. However, for me, I have realized that it is fine to do otherwise. For a while, I felt disappointed in myself to not pursue it full time.


I realized that it doesn't discredit my work to be doing it on the side. It might not be the option for everyone, but keeping photography separate from my career makes me feel more relaxed, and stay passionate about it. I think I owe it to myself and my clients to stay passionate about what I love.


Thank you all for reading!

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