Mentoring Sessions

Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro looking to improve on a certain aspect of your business, these one on one mentoring sessions are designed to help you grow in your photography.

Before the session, I'll send you a questionnaire, so I can get to know more about you and what you want to learn. From your answers, I'll tailor a session to cover the topics you're looking to improve on.


There are so many online resources and workshops, but I feel the best way to learn is through a one-on-one session! It's a session all about YOU.

I love getting to know other photographers and watching them grow, and I can't wait to get to know you :) Be sure to also check out my free resources here, and sign up for the weekly photo tip email newsletter above.


Ideal for if you have specific topics you want to learn more about

- 1 hr Q&A session in my office in El Monte, coffee or boba date (in Arcadia), or online via Google Hangouts/Skype

- This 1 hr will cover anything you'd like to learn or have questions about


One-On-One Shoot

Ideal if you want a slower paced walk through of learning the basics. Since this session is one-on-one, you'll get a chance to stop to ask questions along the way.

Experience Includes:

- 30 min one-on-one on-location shoot (in San Gabriel Valley) where I will talk you through how to find the best lighting, posing, my settings and lens choices, and how to get genuine reactions from clients

- You'll get to see how I would pose you, and practice posing with me

- A new head shot for your website & social media 

- 30 min of editing where I show you how to speed up your editing workflow, get consistent edits, and my delivery and backup process

- 30 min of Q&A where we can discuss anything! Business, marketing, more photo tips, etc


Styled Session

This hands on session is ideal if you'd like to improve on a specific type of session. It's a fast paced learn as you go experience of observing and having an opportunity to practice during the session. Since the clients will be styled, you'll also get to grow a high end portfolio to attract your ideal client.

Experience includes:

- Second shoot a 30 min styled session (in San Gabriel Valley) of any type of session you'd like to learn more of (family, couple, head shots, graduation, friends, styling details)

- You'll get to watch me shoot, and have time to practice on the client

- You can start attracting more of your ideal client by featuring this styled shoot on your website & social media

- Recap after the session during the Q&A

- a new head shot for your website & social media 

- 30 min of live editing where I show you how I would edit the session, my delivery, and backup process

- 30 min of Q&A where we can discuss anything! Business, marketing, more photo tips, etc


How To Book:

Sessions should be schedule 1-2 weeks in advance depending on availability. Once scheduled, an invoice for a 50% retainer will be sent to reserve your date. If you'd like to travel 15 miles beyond Arcadia (91006), travel fees will apply. Discounts are available for groups, so contact me for more information!

Please use the contact form below to get in touch about your mentoring session! Do not hesitate to ask any questions, and I can't wait to get to know you more soon :)

"She's really transformed my photo business"

I first reached out to Tiffany when I was a freshman at USC and noticed that despite her starting photography a lot later than I did, she was able to charge her clients a price that I really wanted to get to! After reaching out to her, she took me under her wing and showed me what goes into starting a photography business, and how she gives value to the clients to make them want to book her despite her more expensive prices. After talking for a couple of months, I became confident enough to start charging more, and I’ve even transitioned into wedding photography a year ago all while getting ideal clients because of what Tiffany taught me!


My business model improved at charging at the prices I want, and my editing workflow has gotten a lot quicker (it has to once you start booking more clients!). I’ve also noticed that there have been so much less problems during the actual shoot. Tiffany taught me how to prep the clients to minimize any problems that might happen on the wedding day, as well as how to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, and tips and tricks to get genuine emotion and candid reactions!


Finally, not only is Tiffany an amazing educator in helping you reach your goal, but she’s a genuine and kind hearted person that only has the best intentions for you. From educator to friend only after a few months, it’s now been a couple of years since we first met, and I consider her as one of my best friends. Despite having a lot more years of photography training, I am so glad I reached out to Tiffany. She’s really transformed my photo business, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her! Thank you Tiffany for being a life-long mentor; I can’t thank you enough.

Audey Shen (A.Shen Photography)

"She genuinely wants to see people grow in their photography"

Tiffany Wu definitely knows her craft. I met up with her for advice on which lens to get next, and she was more helpful than ever. Not only did she bring both lenses (the two that I was debating between) for me to check out, she also showed me some focus features that I did not even know of.


Unlike most people, Tiffany was happy to share her tips and secrets with me, and held nothing back. She genuinely wants to see people grow in their photography skills, whether it be for business or for casual means. I would highly recommend ANY photographer, beginner or advanced, to be mentored by Tiffany! There is always something to learn from her!

Rebecca Wang

"She has a lot of knowledge to give

and is extremely generous about sharing it"

Tiffany Wu has been a pleasure to work with. Her dedication to her photography and attention to detail set her apart from the various other photographers I’ve worked with in the past.


She has a deep understanding of her craft and can adapt to her clients’ wants and needs. She has a lot of knowledge to give and is extremely generous about sharing it.

Langdon Van

PC Nicole Tan Photography

"She taught me her techniques in a manner that I could understand easily and quickly, and I was able to implement it immediately."

Tiffany is not just a talented photographer, but also a smart-minded businesswoman. I met up with her to ask for advice on social media marketing, photo workflow, and pricing strategies, and she was able to show me her process that she was using and gave me advice on how I could incorporate her approaches into my process.


She taught me her techniques in a manner that I could understand easily and quickly, and I was able to implement it immediately. I’m glad that I have an instructor and friend that I can go to for help at any time!

Daniel Zhu

PC Sarah Kim