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 This blog post is both for my clients and photographers. After I shoot a session, I send a Pixieset gallery for my clients to download their photos. This blog post is to address the best ways to backup your images for free!

Online Storage

Tips for backing up online:

1. Upload about 100-150 images at a time. If you try to upload more, it'll skip images or time out.

2. Depending on how fast your interne...

 If you read my post on why I love teaching photography, you'll know that photography terms were like a foreign language to me until I decided to learn in my 20s. It all sounded so complicated that I didn't want to try. To make it easier, I decided to write today's blog post about camera settings!

When you set your camera to manual mode, you'll be able to control 3 settings:

1. Aperture

2. ISO

3. Shutt...

I met the incredibly sweet and talented Jen from Jennifer Fujikawa Photography last week over lunch. As we told each other about how we got started with photography, we began to talk about the why behind our businesses. So in today's post, I decided to share how I got started with teaching photography, and why I love it!

Finding A Passion

PC A. Shen Photography

If you read the blog on how I got start...

When I first started photography, shooting at noon with no shade terrified me because my first photo shoots didn't turn out so well. I got bags under their eyes, green casts on their skin, spotty lighting, squinting, harsh shadows, and more!

To show you exactly what I mean, here are some photos from my first year of photography shot at noon. Special thank you to my friends who let me practice on the...

One of the biggest parts of giving your client the best experience is knowing how to pose. It could mean the difference between a boring session, and one that they actually had fun on. 

Before I met Nadine from Sachiko Studio (my photo mentor), my only experience with professional photography were stuffy studio shoots where we sat on a chair for hours waiting to get our photo taken. I felt stiff and...

One of the longest and most tedious parts of editing is the culling process. Culling is when you select which images you want to keep, and which you want to delete. It's not so much a big deal when you're shooting for fun. However, when you're a professional portrait or wedding photographer, this process can take hours when you're going through hundreds or thousands of similar images.

I had heard ab...

For the first 20 years of my life, I was TERRIFIED of buying a DSLR. For someone who is the opposite of tech savvy, learning settings and editing seemed so complicated! ​

Thankfully for me, I found an amazing mentor (Nadine from Sachiko Studio. She also took this photo in her studio!) who walked me through every step of the way. Today's blog post is dedicated to finding a photography mentor.

How I...

 One of the things that has made my editing workflow so much faster is changing my white balance from Auto (AWB) to Kelvin (Color temp). 

What is white balance?

 The white balance is the color temperature of the photo. The two extremes would be that a very cool photo would look blue while a very warm photo would look yellow. To get great skin tones, you'll need to find the perfect balance between....

 One of the toughest things to choose for my business was my photography name. When I started photography, I did not expect to be a full time wedding and portrait photographer nor did I ever dream about teaching photography. I was just trying to start making some money so I could afford to buy all the lenses that I dreamed of!

Starting Out

My first photography name was T.Wu Photography. I thought it...

 Michelle Franzetti asked to learn more about back button focusing. 

What is back button focusing?

 By default, most cameras focus when your finger presses halfway on the shutter. With back button focusing, you're using the "AF-ON" button on the back of your camera to focus.

Why does back button focusing help get tack sharp portraits?

When you use back button focusing, the camera won't refocus when yo...

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